Wizkid shares interest in filming kissing roles and crime movies

Your favorite musician might just be on your screen soon.

Nigerian singer and songwriter Wizkid has shared his interest in the movie industry.

In an Instagram story earlier today, November 20, 2023, the artist revealed what types of roles he is interested in playing. In his words, “Shebi I tell una I one Dey act film!… I just want Dey kiss and shoot gun for movie. Daz all!!…”

He also expressed a hidden talent that his fans were unaware of. “Yeah, and I want Dey slap people for film… na my hidden talent be dat,” Wizkid said.

Wizkid’s Insta story causes quite an uproar on the internet [Instagram/wizkidayo]

This comes after the singer revealed how much he loves movies, especially ones from the Nigerian film industry, in an interview with BBC Radio 1xtra. He said, “I’m a big fan of like movies as well; I’m a big fan of Nollywood“.

He went on to describe comedy as an important skill for a Nigerian actor to have in order to excel in the industry. “I don’t think I would ever act in Nollywood; I don’t know if I’m that funny, because you need a special type of skill and talent to be a Nollywood actor“, he stated.

Despite being vocal about not wanting to go into acting, Wizkid made known his preferred choice of direction when it comes to the Nigerian film industry. “Maybe producing one Nollywood movie one day would be something I would love to do”, the singer expressed.

Wizkid is the latest Nigerian musician who has shared their interest in acting, as Tems recently revealed the role she would like to play.

In an interview on BBC Capital Xtra London, the Grammy singer said, “I’m ready to act in movies. Not ready right now, but I’m already good at acting. The first character I would love to play is a single mum. It doesn’t need to be struggling. It could be like a fun single mum or a single mum that has mysteries. A gangster.”

We await their acting debut.

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