Bam Award


BAM Entrepreneur Awards was birthed to recognize and appreciate business owners and individuals contributing to the African continent’s economic growth while creating employment and other income-generating opportunities through entrepreneurship, thereby inspiring others to be founders in their own right.

The platform has developed into a convening agent for actors in the youthful entrepreneurship ecosystem attracting and stewarding access to relevant investors, not-for-profit leaders, influential personalities, and government officials to address everyday challenges and devise impactful, lasting solutions.

BAM Entrepreneur Awards is an annual awards process and event launched in October 2018. It was conceived to serve the strategic objective to retain, reward, and recognize founders of scalable micro, small and medium enterprises, which have been lauded in numerous studies as the fuel to propel the continent to a seat at the global trading table.

The singular, unique appeal of BAM Entrepreneur Awards is its desired impact on entrepreneurs. The Awards is designed to galvanize and honour the young and mostly unknown who face daunting challenges to compete and establish their brands in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs create wealth-earning opportunities not only for themselves but for others as well. Entrepreneurial activities influence a country’s economic performance by introducing new products, methods, and production processes to the market and stimulating productivity and competition more broadly.

BAM Entrepreneur Awards is a true testament to the grit, hardwork, passion, and endurance of the young men and women across the continent who keep the faith in a more prosperous future by harnessing their talent, thirst for knowledge, and go-getter attitude to achieve their dreams against all odds.

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