What you should know about the Museum of failure

It is often said that failures most times lay the groundwork for groundbreaking success.

Throughout history, some of the most influential inventions, products, and ideas were born after a series of failures.

Top brands thriving today also had their share of failures, although most of these failed products or attempts are easily forgotten. It is however important to recognize the importance of failure in the creative process, and this is how the idea of the Museum of Failure was born.

This museum which is actually a touring exhibition was founded by curator Samuel West and it presents a diverse range of failures, from colossal commercial flops to ill-conceived ideas. It does this to encourage visitors to reevaluate their relationship with failure and redefine it as an essential part of the creative process.

This museum is one that features a collection of failed products and services.

Specifically, the Museum of Failure spotlights more than 150 commercial ideas that didn’t pan out for various reasons. From iconic consumer products to technological advancements and cultural phenomena, the museum’s collection includes some of the most notable failures in history.

A few notable examples: New Coke, Bic for Her pens, Limeade-flavored Oreo cookies, Colgate lasagna, Crystal Pepsi and a gyrating “hula chair” for exercise.

The Museum of Failure was born to recognize the importance of failure in the creative process.

Some other items on display include Apple Newton, Google Glass, N-Gage, lobotomy instruments, Harley-Davidson Cologne, Kodak DC-40, Sony Betamax, Lego Fiber Optics, the My Friend Cayla talking doll, and Paolo Macchiarini’s infamous plastic trachea.

The whole idea is to stimulate discussion about accepting and learning from failure.

Unlike traditional museums that celebrate triumphs, this unconventional institution pays homage to the products, concepts, and ventures that fell short of expectations. With a quirky and thought-provoking collection of failures, the museum offers visitors a chance to explore the often-overlooked side of innovation and appreciate the lessons learned along the way.

Would you like to visit the Museum of Failure?

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