The soft launch: How to announce your new relationship on social media

You want to announce to the world that you are off the market. This is called a soft launch, but here’s how to do it.

You’ve started dating someone new for a while. You’ve gone on several dates. He asked you to be his girlfriend, or you asked her to be your girlfriend, and now you spend almost all your time with them.

Allure defines a soft launch, “as a teaser letting people know that you are involved with someone by showing some part of them and without letting them know who… yet.”

A soft launch is a key step in this age of modern dating as it shows that you are no longer in the market and are now in a relationship, but you may not be ready to fully commit just yet. You simply wish to announce that you are involved with someone, and things are becoming more serious.

Here’s what you can do.

Post pictures of yourself taken from another person’s POV and quote it ‘His or her view’

Post a picture from his point of view [Pinterest]

When people see you looking all dolled up for a romantic date, you didn’t go there alone. Plus, you could knock it right out of the park when you caption it ‘his or her view’.

Post their hands and yours together

Post hand holding pictures [Pinterest]

A picture of both of you holding hands or touching your thighs is a perfect way to show that there is someone else in the picture. Plus, hand holding is peak intimacy and screams, ‘romance’.

Post the picture of former football player, Xavi Alonso saying goodbye

Lived it loved it. Farewell to the game [BBC]

This meme is an excellent way to say you are off the market or no longer on the streets as Gen Zs say. When you post this meme, most people online, especially those who use Twitter will know you are seeing someone and it’s serious.

Go on vacation and post parts of their body

Let your followers know that you are on vacation and it’s not a solo trip. You can take a picture of their shoes, their back laying down by the pool or just any part of their body to let your followers know that you are not alone on your vacation.

Post their pictures as part of a carousel or ‘dump’

Add a picture of them to your vacation dump [Pinterest]

This is a bit bold, but you don’t want to have them front and centre. You have gone out with them many times, and you even went on vacation with them, so include a picture of them in your dump and keep your followers guessing about who that person is.

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