Study shows men have been peeing wrong; they ought to sit and not stand

New research suggests that men should sit down to urinate rather than stand up.

In a YouGov study on male urination habits, a renowned urologist asserted that sitting down is more hygienic and healthier for men’s bladders.

Most men stand to urinate, but this may not be the healthiest way. According to Gerald Collins of the Cheshire’s Alexandra Hospital Department of Urology, sitting down is the most efficient way for men to urinate.

The latest result of male urination habits came from a survey that included more than 7000 men from 13 countries. The result was 40% of German men reported “always” sitting down to urinate, making Germany the country with the highest percentage of men who sit to urinate.

Collins believes more men should sit when urinating because it relaxes the pelvis and the spine.

As men age, it becomes crucial for them to sit down when urinating since a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), colloquially known as an enlarged prostate, is more widespread among older men.

BPH is caused by a change in the prostates’ hormonal environment which begins when men clock their 40s.

Collins said, “You experience a surge in a certain testosterone breakdown product, which causes the prostates’ cell growth and size to increase. Men begin to discover that sitting down makes it much easier for them to urinate.”

Even though sitting is less popular than standing, it is believed from the study that sitting is a much better option.

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