Singer Wizkid accused of living in his former glory and clout-chasing

The full video is on YouTube and you don’t want to miss it.

In the latest episode of Pulse Hot Takes, the hosts focus on Wizkid’s latest online outbursts and discuss the topic “Is Wizkid living in past glory?”

Pulse Hot Takes is a weekly YouTube talk show hosted by Elvis Christian and Christabel Ago. Every week the hosts speak with guests on trending issues and dissect problems that Nigerians face. In this episode, they were joined by content creator/strategist Busayo Debs and lifestyle reporter Davy Ben.


April 2024 ended on a rather controversial note when Wizkid’s interactive session with fans took a different turn after he posted a video of Davido crying. That led to a scathing face-off between both stars on X after Davido responded.

Wizkid also called music business mogul Don Jazzy an “influencer” during a conversation with a fan on X.

See below what was said on this episode:

On Don Jazzy being “an influencer”

Elvis said, “Don Jazzy is more than an influencer. Props to all the influencers, they are amazing in their own right. But I feel like this whole thing made people start rubbishing influencers. Don Jazzy is a person of influence and starts conversations, but I don’t know what WizKid was going for with that narrative. It was unnecessary.”

Davy Ben said, “The term Influencer is not an insult. We don’t know what might have happened between them behind the scenes.”

Busayo countered, “WizKid was rude and condescending. He and Don Jazzy aren’t on the same level. He shouldn’t come out and say such.”

On Wizkid “living in his past glory”

Busayo asserted that Wizkid is living in his former glory and has no new songs being played at clubs.

She said, “When you want to talk about artistes with projects you can talk about Burna Boy but not Wizkid. Let him sit down and retire. He’s living in his past glory! When you go to clubs, how many WizKid songs do they play? Except for his old songs. Come with facts.”

On Wizkid being a “clout chaser”

Busayo stressed that Wizkid’s social media outbursts were to chase clout, possibly in preparation for new music.

“One thing Wizkid fans always say is that he doesn’t talk or react to people. But now that he has been clout-chasing on Twitter what will they say? He’s a clout chaser. Now that he wants to drop a song or an album he remembers his Twitter password,” she said.

On Wizkid not being held accountable by his fans

Davy Ben knocked Wizkid’s fans for their inability to call him out or hold him accountable.

He said, “Wizkid has the strongest fan base in Africa, but my problem with them is that they put him on such a pedestal and they can’t hold him accountable.”

Watch the full episode of the Pulse Hot Takes below:

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