Rihanna and ASAP Rocky trend over third pregnancy rumours

Safe to say that social media users are having a field day with these rumours.

America’s sweetheart Rihanna and her man ASAP Rocky have become the talk of the town over the past two days due to rumours claiming that they are expecting their third child after having their second baby number three months ago.

It began on Monday, November 13, 2023, when a post formerly known as Twitter which read, “Rihanna confirmed that she & ASAP Rocky are expecting their third Baby,” went incredibly viral.

The tweet reached over 5 million views on the first day it was made, sparking reactions among social media users, because the couple just welcomed their second child Riot Rose Mayers to the world in August 2023.

One Twitter user Slime or me said, “Having 3 babies in 3 years is nuts especially with a nigga who might go to prison any day”.

Another user tweeted, “Asap Rocky took it personally when he landed on that bible verse instructing him to be fruitful, he is having sleepless nights”.

The post garnered all sorts of reactions from social media users even though neither Rihanna, Rocky nor sources close to them have made such statements.

Rocky and Rihanna currently have two sons; RZA Athelson Mayers who was born in May 2022 and Riot who was born in August 2023.

The couple is incredibly private, so much so that when RZA was born, his name was withheld from the public till a year later when the couple finally released his name.

RIhanna, ASAP Rocky and their sons [DIGGZY/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK]

At the time of this report, the couple has not affirmed or denied the speculations, therefore social media has continued to run wild.

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