Residents of Ikate-Elegushi issued curfew by Royal Family as Oro Festival begins

Elegushi Royal Family announces no nighttime movements during Oro festival

The Elegushi Royal Family, in conjunction with members of the Oro cult, has announced the annual Oro Festival and its associated rites scheduled to be held in Ikate-Elegushi from Friday, October 27, to Monday, October 30, 2023.

During this period, there will be a restriction of movement in and around Ikate-Elegushi from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM each day to accommodate the sacred rituals and celebrations associated with the Oro Festival.

Curfew notice

Chief Kehinde Hassan Elegushi, the Odofin of Ikate Kingdom, extended his gratitude to the public for their understanding and cooperation during this cultural event.

He urged residents, visitors, and the general public to adhere to the movement restrictions outlined in the notice. Chief Elegushi also expressed his apologies in advance for any inconveniences that may arise due to these temporary measures.

The Oro Festival, deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the Ikate-Elegushi community, is a significant event observed annually. It holds spiritual and historical importance for the Elegushi Royal Family and the members of the Oro cult.

It is a patriarchal festival, meaning that only male descendants who are paternal natives of the kingdom are allowed to participate. During the festival, there are a number of different rituals and ceremonies that are performed. One of the most important rituals is the Oro procession, in which the Oro spirit is carried through the streets of the kingdom.

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