Pastor warns against marrying oversleeping women, says woman must be first to wake up

A pastor has warned men to avoid marrying women who oversleep, saying a woman must be the first to wake up every morning.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of Newlife Church and Prayer Centre in Kenya said this while preaching a sermon to his church members.

In a video which was uploaded online, he is heard saying that a woman is obliged even by the Bible to wake up first in the morning and attend to the needs of her children and husband.

Speaking in a local dialect, he then went on further to add that any man who wakes up to find his wife still sleeping has made a bad choice.

“A woman who sleeps even after her husband has woken up is not a good woman because a man shouldn’t wake up before his wife. This is because the woman is supposed to be the light of the family. She should be the first one to wake up and prepare kids for school, do house chores, and even prepare breakfast for her husband. But if you wake up before your wife and she still sleeps, I am sorry for you…

“The Bible says a wise woman wakes up early in the morning and she is a precious stone to her husband… That is not a wife,” Pastor Ezekiel Odero said as translated by

His preaching has divided opinions as some people agree with him, while others say it smacks of enslavement mentality which makes people see women as slaves in their matrimonial homes.

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