Kate Henshaw faces backlash for hosting fundraising event in support of APC

Henshaw, had been vocal in endorsing the Labour Party and its presidential candidate Peter Obi.

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has found herself in the midst of a social media storm after co-hosting a high-profile fundraising ceremony in support of Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma’s reelection bid.

The event, held at a venue in Owerri, garnered criticism from supporters of the Labour Party, owing to Henshaw’s previous vocal support for the party’s candidate, Peter Obi, during the 2023 elections.

The gala, graced by a diverse audience including politicians, celebrities, and well-wishers, saw Henshaw sharing the stage with veteran Nollywood actor, comedian, and TV/radio host, Okey Bakassi.

The gathering was a showcase of solidarity for Governor Uzodimma, aiming to generate crucial financial backing for his upcoming reelection campaign next month.

Governor Uzodimma, addressing the attendees, passionately outlined his vision for the state, stating his commitment to development and progress. Supporters, inspired by the governor’s plans, generously contributed to the campaign fund, underscoring their belief in his leadership.

Despite the positive atmosphere within the venue, photos and videos from the event triggered a social media frenzy. Critics, particularly from the Labour Party camp, lambasted Henshaw for her involvement, citing her previous support for their party.

Social media platforms have been flooded with heated debates, with some defending her right to support any candidate, while others questioned her consistency in political affiliations.

They argued that her participation in the fundraising gala for Uzodimma contradicted her earlier political stance with the Labour Party.

Taking to Twitter to explain that she hold her her truth, but can still act in the capacity of a professional.

Henshaw, who had been vocal in endorsing the Labour Party and its presidential candidate Peter Obi before the general elections, now faces public scrutiny for her seeming change of allegiance.

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