Judge fumes as DSS invade courtroom, arrests defendants during proceedings

Chaos ensued when operatives of the DSS unexpectedly arrived at the court premises and apprehended the suspects.

An emerging report has confirmed that operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) stormed a State High Court in Ilaro, Ogun State, and arrested two defendants, which sparked widespread outrage.

Alhaji Isiaka Fatai and Samuel Oyero were arraigned for trial before Justice A.A. in a case identified as HCP/IC/2023 involving the State versus Awode Oladosu & 13 others.

The situation arose from accusations of arson by Chief Akeem Adigun, also known as Socopao, against Alhaji Isiaka Fatai, Oyero, and 12 others.

Agosasa community in Ipokia Local Government Area experienced turmoil recently due to a dispute over traditional leadership, resulting in significant property damage and one fatality.

Chaos ensued when operatives of the DSS unexpectedly arrived at the court premises and apprehended the suspects.

Alhaji Isiaka’s lawyer, Kehinde Bamiwola, claimed in a statement that DSS personnel employed force against his clients, alleging that Alhaji Isiaka Fatai was subjected to physical abuse, including beating, slapping, and rough handling.

The Principal Registrar of the High Court and Sectional Head of High Court, Ilaro, Comrade Omololu Olusanya, expressed astonishment and condemned the incident, considering it a blatant disregard for legal protocols.

Despite clear instructions from the judge to refrain from making arrests within the court premises, law enforcement officers proceeded to arrest two individuals.

He said, “They still went ahead and did the act to the extent that they assaulted one of our staff members, Mrs Fadina while doing that act. It’s a very sad issue that caused a lot of noise within the court premises.

“It was from the source that we heard they were DSS agents. If anybody sees them, one would think they were armed robbers.

“They did not wear anything that identified them as DSS, but they came to my lord this morning and said they had some people to arrest. That was when we knew they were DSS officers.

“They approached the judge before the court session began. The honourable judge advised them that if they wanted to make an arrest, it must not be done within the court premises.”

Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that Peter Afunanya, the DSS spokesperson, was unreachable and did not respond to calls or text messages when this report was being filed.

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