Jonathan calls for inclusive democracy, stronger institutions in Africa

The former Nigerian president has urged African leaders to work for the interest of all.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has called for inclusivity as a means of consolidating democracy and promoting peace and progress in Africa.

A statement issued by Ikechukwu Eze, a special adviser to the former president, quoted him as making the call in his remarks at the Second Annual Retreat of Regional Economic Communities (RECs) Special Envoys, High Representatives organised by International IDEA in Abuja on Tuesday.

Jonathan said that in the face of increasing military coups on the continent, especially in West Africa, inclusivity and good governance are what the people need to convince that civilian administrations are better than military governments.

He urged leaders in the continent to work for the interest of all and avoid actions that could further divide the people and polarise their nations.

According to him, democracy will serve the people better if African leaders at all levels respect the laws of their nations.

“In Africa democracy is currently facing many challenges including resurgence of coup d’état, citizen disenchantment, rising insecurity and tough economic situations for which special panels like this one is expected to interrogate and proffer solutions.

“I have always said that there is a strong connection between democracy and development. Hence, the need to deepen democracy, make it more inclusive and strengthen the institutions of governance, towards building a stable and prosperous society,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan added that the issue of inclusivity is a key part of the discussions for improving the convergence principle mentioned in ECOWAS Protocol on democracy and good governance.

He charged the participants at the two-day high level retreat to come up with “concrete and actionable recommendations to respond in a sustainable and inclusive manner to these complex situations.”

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