I’m sorry for any damage I may have caused – Oladips’ friend on viral post

He asks that everyone disregard any rumor claiming that the rapper is alive.

An old friend of the late Nigerian rapper Oladips, going by Wavy, has clarified that his viral posts claiming that the rapper is alive were simply him being in denial.

In the new video posted to his Instagram page, he apologised for the unrest caused by his posts, which made Nigerians question if the rapper was truly dead, as announced on November 15, 2023.

Wavy stated that the viral video he posted yesterday, November 16, 2023, was two years old, and that he was simply in denial of his friend’s death and wanted to believe otherwise.

He began, “Concerning my video trending about the death of Oladips, I want to clear everybody that the video that you see me with Oladips has been over two years old. That video is old, and number two, I’m not sure if he’s dead or alive. I was just like ‘no, he can’t be dead,’ ‘it’s not possible for Oladips to be dead,’ that’s the only reason why I put it out there that he’s alive.”

In addition to that, he stressed that his story post from the night before, where he said that Oladips was at home eating, was him trying to convince himself that his dear friend was still alive.

“My story post where I said he was alive and eating turkey and jollof rice was just me saying to myself that he can’t be dead. Maybe he’s just depressed or under pressure from the album he wants to release, but please let us disregard any information, and I’m sorry for any damage I may have caused,” Wavy added.

Wavy’s post claiming Oladips was alive [Instagram/only1wavytk_fka_sircoolest]

His statement comes after his posts went viral last night, after which Nigerian singer Qdot announced that the rapper was alive and well, a post which has since been deleted. However, the damage had already been done; Nigerians were sent into a frenzy speculating that Oladips was, in fact, alive and had ‘pulled a death stunt to promote his new album.’

Wavy has also clarified that he is unsure whether Oladips is alive or not, but he does not want to believe that his friend has passed away.

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