How much are condoms right now in Nigeria?

Do you know how much condoms cost in Nigeria?

Condoms are important for anyone who wants to practice safe sex. That’s why it’s vital to know how much a condom costs.

The over 40% inflation rate is affecting everything, including the cost of safe sex. Here’s the price of different brands of condoms in Nigeria:

How much do condoms cost?

Gold Circle

This condom is one of the oldest in Nigeria. It used to be so cheap, but now it costs ₦365 for just one and ₦2,990 for a pack of 4.


You know what they say—it’s always a party with Fiesta. It depends on the type. Fiesta Prolong condoms cost ₦600. A pack of three costs ₦4,000 here.


One of the most popular condoms in Nigeria right now is Durex. We found a Select Flavour pack of three at a steal of ₦2000 here, but in other places, it might be within ₦2,300 to ₦2,500.


This used to be one of the cheapest condoms in Nigeria, but a pack of 12 is now ₦3,000. One pack containing four condoms will cost ₦1,000. Check it out here.

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