Hermes brags about numerous sexual encounters with women

The reality TV star admits to being currently involved in a romantic relationship with two women.

Former Big Brother Naija (BBN) participant, Hermes, has openly spoken about being romantically involved with multiple women.

As a guest on the BTS Reality Podcast, he opened up about his personal life and relationships.

During the interview, Hermes explicitly stated that he is currently in a relationship with two self-aware women. He described himself as a person who struggles to commit to a single partner, likening himself to a sex worker.

“The truth is, I be ashawo and I will do ashawo things. I can like more than one woman and I will tell you that I am with this person”, he declared.

According to the reality TV star, he allows his women the freedom to engage in other relationships, as he has learned to handle jealousy within the context of his own relationships.

The ex-BBNaija contestant had previously revealed his relationship status while on the show, mentioning his involvement with two women who were, unknown to many, close friends.

However, during his recent appearance on the podcast, Hermes confirmed that he is still romantically involved with both women, who remain good friends.

“I am still in two relationships. Both of them are friends,” the reality TV star shared candidly. “For me, I can only operate on the truth. The truth is that I am involved with multiple women. If you have any issues with that, feel free to pursue your own desires.”

The further affirmed that his partners are also involved with other men, a fact that does not bother him.

Hermes who is a creative dancer and performance artist, was one of the housemates in the ‘Level Up’ season 7 2022 edition of Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Naija (BBN).

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