Here are 10 ways Polaris Bank is boosting girl-child education in Nigeria


Here are 10 ways Polaris Bank is boosting girl-child education in Nigeria:

Demonstrating Commitment: Polaris Bank’s unwavering commitment to the education of the girl-child was showcased through the recent donation of educational materials to over 400 students in Surulere and Ikeja as part of its ongoing CSR intervention in the Girl-Child Education Project in Lagos State. This initiative reinforces the Bank’s stance on the transformative power of education.Empowering the underprivileged: The CSR initiative aims to empower underprivileged girls by providing them with essential educational materials, including; school uniforms, bags, pens, and books, thus ensuring they have the necessary tools to pursue their education without hindrances.Combatting social challenges: By actively supporting the girl-child education project, Polaris Bank is combating the prevalent issue of early marriages in the Nigerian society. The focus on education is a powerful tool in enabling girls to make informed life choices and chart their destinies.Synergistic collaboration: Polaris Bank’s partnership with Evolve Charity reflects a holistic approach to education, combining private and non-profit efforts. This collaboration which dates back to 2021 and has benefitted over 15,000 thousand students, ensures sustainable educational interventions that benefit multiple schools and students.Consistent efforts and expansion: The Bank’s consistent efforts in supporting education are evident in its sustained involvement. From adopting select schools to expanding the scope of its initiatives across various states, Polaris Bank continues to make significant strides in education and empowerment.Broadening CSR horizons: Beyond its focus on education, Polaris Bank has also demonstrated a keen interest in women’s welfare through initiatives such as the Feminine Hygiene Campaign and Free Breast Cancer Screenings. This holistic approach showcases the bank’s dedication to improving women’s lives across various spheres of their lives.Gratitude from beneficiaries: Testimonials from the school principals and students underscore the tangible impact of Polaris Bank’s initiatives. The beneficiaries’ gratitude and excitement highlight the educational materials’ positive influence on students’ learning experiences and overall well-being.Long-term vision and impact: Polaris Bank’s sustained involvement in education and comprehensive CSR approach reflects a long-term vision for sustainable societal development. Investing in the girl-child’s education, the bank contributes to building a brighter future for Nigeria, one empowered student at a time.Inspiring other organisations: The impactful work of Polaris Bank and Evolve Charity inspires other organisations to emulate same and probably more. By setting an example of meaningful CSR initiatives, they encourage a collective effort towards addressing societal challenges and promoting education as a catalyst for positive change.A pledge for continued support: The resounding commitment from Polaris Bank to continue its support for the education and empowerment of the girl-child in Nigeria reinforces the bank’s dedication to fostering a more equitable and empowered society. The ongoing initiatives serve as a beacon of hope for the country’s future of education and women’s welfare.


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