Find out the latest shoe Lagos Baddies like Angel Smith love to wear

There’s a particular pair of shoes that almost all Lagos baddies own, and you should too.

During my recent outings in Lagos, I observed an emerging shoe trend among the city’s stunning women, and I must say, I’m smitten.

The current craze revolves around platform slides.

Platform slides on Ali Express

We noticed the same shoes on Big Brother Naija alum Angel JB Smith. While visiting Singapore, she effortlessly paired baggy pants and a crop top with platform slides.

Angel Smith rocking platform slides [Instagram/angelsmith]

These platform slippers exude effortless coolness, especially when paired with well-manicured toes—perhaps adorned with white nail polish—and an anklet on the ankles.

So, where can you get these fabulous platform slides?

Locating these exquisite shoes can be challenging, but we discovered them on AliExpress at a highly affordable price, and they closely resemble the ones worn by Angel.

Find them on right here : AliExpress.

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