Denola Grey is one of the new faces of Fenty Beauty

Nigerian model, lifestyle content creator and actor, Denola Grey is one of new faces of Fenty Beauty.

Denola Grey’s worldwide fame is about to go up a notch because of this significant milestone.

This year, Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty announced that they were looking for models. They boycotted the talent agency, asked people to send entries and made the choice themselves. Denola Grey was one of the seven people chosen.

With a status of a fashion icon in Nigeria, Denola is ready to make a splash in the international fashion scene.

This partnership means he will take center stage in various billboards, ads, and campaigns that will be seen around the globe. His impeccable sense of style and fashion sense is bound to captivate audiences worldwide.

The announcement video was captioned “Last year, we decided to bypass booking models the traditional way and instead, partnered with Boots UK to find a select group of Fenty Faces to feature in our upcoming Boots UK campaign.

We went through thousands of entries to find these 7 winners who truly reflect the Fenty brand ethos inside and out. Say hello to the new additions to our Fenty Fam, Nicky, Christian, Denola, Sahara, Maxine, Kez and Priscilla.”

Well done Denola.

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