Christmas hair slay: 5 braids that’ll make you look like a goddess

Ladies, Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means—you need to look your absolute best.

One of the trendiest hairstyles you can rock this season is bohemian braids.

However, one of the challenges can be finding high-quality but affordable hair extensions. But fear not; Darling Nigeria has the perfect solution for you.

We found some of the best extensions for the most beautiful goddess-like braids.

Empress Curly Braids

Darling Empress Curly Braid [Divashop]

You can curl the tip or add curls in between the braids for that added boho effect. Get this hair extension here.

Empress Loose Braids

Loose Braid [Divashop]

It comes pre-curled and pre-stretched You can order for it here. It can be used to make loose braids with curls in it or at the tip. It also be styled as long or short.

Duchess – Regular cut

Duchess cut [Divashop]

This is so versatile that it can be used to make gorgeous long or short boho braids. Get it here.

Easy braids

Easy Braid [Divashop]

Another great extension that is soft. It can be used to make long or short hair and it’s perfect for knotless braids. It’s cheap and available here.

Bohemian Passion Twist

Bohemain Passion Twist [Divashop]

These curled braids will look good on any woman. Shop for it here.

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