Chef Dammy cooks for over 40 hours as she continues her record-breaking attempt

Chef Dammy wants to break the current world record of 100 hours 40 minutes by cooking for 120 hours, so far, she has cooked for 40 hours.

Yesterday, the news broke that a Chef in Ekiti State is attempting to cook for 120 hours. When we reported the news, she had cooked for 17 hours. Now, she gone 40 hours.

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Throughout this period, numerous individuals have expressed their views on whether or not she should engage in a cook-a-thon following the recent record-breaking feat by someone else. Others have offered support and said it’s a free for all competition.

Currently, she has been cooking for over 40 hours, though many people have noticed times she put off the gas to pick beans and times she just stood either dancing or singing. The intricacies will be for Guinness World Records to decide.

Residents of Ekiti have flocked to the venue to offer support and eat Chef Dami’s meal. They are elated about this happening in their community and have made vlogs about it.

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