Buy Instagram Followers: 7 best sites to buy real & non-drop Instagram followers


Our Best Pick! – Cheaper and affordable plans, quick delivery, higher customer satisfaction, customer support, and an overall user rating of 9.5 makes our top pick among websites to buy real Instagram followers.

Gaining followers on Instagram is the real grind, that encourages people to approach various websites to buy Instagram Followers. But deciding where to buy real and genuine Instagram Followers from can be confusing.

Thus, to ease the decision-making process, we have researched and shortlisted the top 7 websites to buy Instagram Followers in 2023. Let’s go through the options.

Shortlisting Top 5 from Best 7 sites to buy Instagram Followers –

WebsiteDelivery TimeCustomer ServiceOverall rating1. BuyInstaFollowers.xyzQuickBrilliant4.7/52. BuyXFollowers.xyzVery quickModerate4.5/53. Adflee.comAverageLimited4.2/54. Buzoid.comVery QuickBrilliant4.0/55. Viralft.comAverageModerate4.0/5

Top 7 genuine websites to buy Instagram Followers

Let’s dig into our 7 best picks –


Overall rating – 4.7/10Delivery Time – QuickCustomer Service – Brilliant

Rated 9.5 out of 10 by the users, its quick delivery time, brilliant and readily available customer service makes the first preference among the best websites for buying Instagram Followers. is the first preference among the best websites for buying Instagram Followers.

2. BuyXFollowers

Overall rating – 4.5/10Delivery Time – Very QuickCustomer Service – Moderate

When buying Instagram Followers, having non-drop and genuine followers is the main concern., has it covered for you with its affordable and high-quality range of combos at affordable prices that go along with the needs of all users.


Overall Rating – 4.2/10Delivery Time – AverageCustomer Service – Limited

Adflee .com is the best site to buy non-drop instagram followers. Known for its design and user-friendly interface, providing detailed information and better understanding to the users, comes next on our list of best sites to buy Instagram Followers.


Overall Rating – 4.0Delivery Time – Very quick Customer Service – Brilliant is known for its genuine, targeted followers and quality, which makes its delivery a bit slower than others but that becomes worth it with its service. Also, the affordable range of plans gives the users a good variety to choose from without hesitation.


Overall Rating – 4.0/5Delivery Time – AverageCustomer Service – Moderate is an advanced and analytical website for those prioritizing targeted followers. It uses AI and other tools to analyze your profile and provide best, genuine and real followers.

Running with a user rating of 8.7 out of 10, excellent customer service and guidance is available for solving your issues and doubts on time.


Overall Rating – 3.9/5Delivery Time – AverageCustomer Service – Limited has been in this game for years now, and its expertise is unmatchable, and has a user rating of 8.3 out of 10. It is mostly engaged in services related to social media marketing.


Overall rating – 3.9/5Delivery Time – AverageCustomer Service – Moderate

Our list sums-up with the, that doesn’t fail in providing up-to-mark services in favor of the customers. It attains a user rating of 8.0 out of 10 and is trusted by many Instagram users.

How to select the best websites?

Selecting the best website to buy Instagram Followers can be hectic. So, here we are with a quick guide of things to consider while selecting the website that suits your needs well –

Customer Service – Using websites or placing orders can be confusing sometimes. History / Records of Website – There can be several fraudulent sites that misguide the users, thus it’s important to do a quick-peek at the website’s history. Delivery Service – Mostly users consider instant delivery of followers after payment. Pricing – It’s never bad to get Instagram followers at reasonable and affordable prices. Payments – Understanding that each user has his own pay preferences, these websites support several payment options like Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, or other options as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

How to know how many Instagram Followers I need to buy?

The number of followers to buy solely depends upon your own needs and your budget. It is never bad to have more followers as they add to your publicity.

How costly is it buying Instagram Followers?

The price for buying Instagram followers varies from site to site, some may charge a bit higher than others.

Can buying Instagram Followers help in getting verified?

There’s is no such proof about getting verified by buying Instagram followers as your growth and popularity depends upon your consistency and quality of your content.

Should I consider any random website for purchasing Instagram Followers?

We would not recommend going on any random website to buy Instagram followers.

Should I buy Instagram Followers or grow my account organically?

We advise mixing up both these strategies. Taking them hand-in-hand can help you take your account from scratch to a popular profile on Instagram in relatively less effort than relying only on organic growth.

What is the best method of payment to Buy Instagram Followers?

Ensuring your privacy, using crypto while buying Instagram Followers from a website would be the most preferable way, as sharing confidential credit/debit details or other information may expose the user to risks.

Can Buying Instagram Followers Help Me Get Viral?

Going viral entirely depends upon the quality and relevance of your content, thus there’s no solid proof of whether buying Instagram followers would help you go viral.

Where do I buy Instant Instagram Followers?

If you are in a quick-prick search of getting Instagram followers instantly, then we advise going for as you can get Instagram followers at reasonable prices, delivered in minutes after successful purchase!


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