Burna Boy’s Space Pods plus 4 more Oraimo earbuds with superior audio quality

If you’re a sucker for peak sound quality and comfort, then these Oraimo earbuds have been made just for you.

Oraimo has emerged as a trendsetter in the ever-changing domain of audio technology, continually offering cutting-edge and high-quality audio devices.

Oraimo earbuds have been synonymous with immersive sound experiences, attracting users with exceptional audio quality from bustling streets to calm settings.

If you’re interested in purchasing an Oraimo earbud, we’ve compiled a list of the top five Oraimo earbuds that stand out for their exceptional sound, catering to audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

Let’s get right in!

Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods – Moonlight Edition

Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods – Moonlight Edition

Beginning our list is the newly released earbuds by Oraimo in collaboration with Nigeria’s Grammy-Award singer and performer, Burna Boy.

The Oraimo Space Pods are a testament to Oraimo’s pursuit of perfection in sound engineering.

These earbuds offer an unparalleled audio experience, with a focus on balance, precision, and depth.

The Space Pods are not just earbuds; they are a portal to a world where every note, every chord, and every lyric is brought to life in stunning detail.

Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods – Moonlight Edition

The SpacePods were unveiled in September 2023, months after Burna Boy announced his partnership deal with Oraimo, becoming the second Afrobeats star to partner with the brand after music legend 2baba.

Since their partnership with Burna Boy began, Oraimo has stated its commitment providing innovative solutions like the HeavyBass technology.

The Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods which were specially made for fans of the African giant features:

Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods

Unique Lunar DesignBurna Boy Specially TunedBurna Boy Exclusive Voice PromptActive Noise CancellationTransparency for Ambient Soundoraimo Sound APP Intelligent Control35.5-hour Long playtimeGoogle Pop-up NotificationFind Your EarbudsIPX5 Waterproof & Sweat Protection

Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods – Moonlight Edition

The SpacePods – Moonlight Edition is also the most expensive Earbuds ever produced by Oraimo, but a ‘must-have’ for users obsessed with 10/10 sound.

Embrace luxury and get the Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods Moonlight Edition now for N200,000 at the official Oraimo Nigeria store.

Alternatively, you can get the Oraimo x Burna Boy SpacePods for as low as N43,000 when you shop in the store.

Oraimo OpenPods

Oraimo Openpods

Next up on the list is the Oraimo OpenPods.

The OpenPods has a sleek design guaranteed to give you comfort due to its lightweight design and skin-friendly silicone make you feel no pain in ears.

The OpenPods is powered by 16mm large dynamic drivers and advanced air conduction, delivering high-quality acoustic precision and immersive bass – making it one of the best earbuds by Oraimo as far as sound quality is concerned.

The Heavy Bass™ algorithm tunes and boosts the bass, enabling the woofer to be heard clearly at different volumes.

These sleek and wireless earbuds ensure comfort during extended listening sessions for up to 40 hours.

Oraimo OpenPods features

Other features include:

Full TransparencyHealthy Listening oraimo Exclusive Bass Boost AlgorithmIP55 Waterproof & Sweat Protection40-Hr Battery Life 4-mic Noise ReductionPop-up NotificationFind Your OpenPods

Get the Oraimo OpenPods for N83,000 when you shop at the official Oraimo Nigeria store.

Oraimo FreePods Pro

Oraimo FreePods pro

The Oraimo FreePods Pro is arguably one of the most exceptional in terms of sound quality, combining crisp highs, rich mids, and deep bass to create a symphony in your ears.

These wireless earbuds boast advanced Bluetooth technology, ensuring a stable connection for an uninterrupted listening experience.

With a sleek design and touch-sensitive controls, the FreePods Pro not only delivers outstanding sound but also provides a stylish and user-friendly audio solution.

Oraimo FreePods pro

These earbuds feature Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Technology that can get rid of up to 35dB of noise for a quiet listening experience.

The FreePods Pro is your perfect companion for flying, riding trains, and buses, offering 13 hours of power.

Oraimo FreePods Pro features

Other features include:

Transparency for Ambient Awareness-Catch on What’s Happening Around YouHeavy Bass Dual EQ-Premium oraimo Sound4-mic Beamforming Technology-Clear Voice in CallUp to 13+30 hrs Playing-Extra Long PlaytimeIn-ear Detection- Smarter and EasierPop-up Notification- Google Fast Pairing Bluetooth 5.2- Low-latency Game Mode

Get the Oraimo FreePods Pro for N53,000 when you shop at the official Oraimo Nigeria store.

Oraimo FreePods 4

Oraimo FreePods4

The FreePods 4 strike a perfect balance between affordability and exceptional sound quality.

With a focus on delivering a well-rounded audio experience, these earbuds showcase Oraimo’s commitment to making premium audio accessible to a broader audience.

The FreePods 4 feature a compact design, making them an ideal companion for on-the-go music enthusiasts.

The FreePods 4 features 10mm dynamic bass drivers and composite diaphragms to deliver powerful bass, crystal-clear middle and high frequencies.

Oraimo FreePods 4

Other features include:

Active Noise CancellationTransparencyCustomize Your Listeningoraimo Signature SoundEffortless Control with APP35.5-hr Long Playtime & Quick Charge Noise Reduction in CallsLow-latency Gaming ModeIPX5 Waterproof & Sweat ProtectionFind Your EarbudsAnti-bacterial Eartip

If you’re looking to get earbudson a budget while holding on the top-notch audio quality, then the FreePods 4 is one of the best bets.

Get these airpods for just N29,000 when you shop at the official Oraimo Nigeria store.

Oraimo FreePods 3C

Oraimo FreePods 3C

Bass enthusiasts can get excited with the Oraimo FreePods 3C, a powerhouse of low-frequency performance.

These earbuds deliver thunderous bass without compromising the clarity of other audio elements.

The snug fit and noise isolation capabilities ensure that every beat is felt, making the FreePods 3C an excellent choice for those who love their music with a robust bass foundation.

The FreePods 3C are equipped with detachable eartips offering two modes of listening. When the eartips are kept attached, the BASS MODE blocks out ambient noise and reduces sound leakage for a more enhanced bass experience.

Oraimo FreePods 3C

Alternatively, the eartip can be removed for the AWARENESS MODE, allowing for more comfort and for awareness of the user’s surroundings.

Other features include:

One Pair, Two Different Fits Customize Your Listening Clear Voice in Calls Incredibly Powerful Bass 36-hr Long Playtime Charge 10 Minutes, Play 140 Minutes Low-latency Game Mode IPX5 Waterproof & Sweat Protection

You can get the Oraimo FreePods 3C now for N25,000 when you shop at the official Oraimo store.

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