Amaarae drops highly anticipated album ‘Fountain Baby’

Platinum selling Ghanaian-American artist, Amaarae, releases her highly anticipated new album, ‘Fountain Baby’.

Brimming with sexual appeal and a rousing celebration of self to the fullest degree, ‘Fountain Baby’ will undoubtedly solidify Amaarae’s rightful position as one of the premiere artists in the pop arena.

A striking global pop offering, ‘Fountain Baby’ houses a collection of insatiable tracks that exist at the intersection of female empowerment, subversion of gender norms, and a thrilling exploration of female sexuality and artistic self expression – all while centering her West African heritage within a global lens.

The project sees Amaarae’s towering talent and visions expanding beyond genre and regional confines, for a truly brilliant and palpable body of work that will establish her as an essential architect in the future of music.

Most recently, Amaarae’s viral song ‘Sad Girlz Luv Money’ ft. Kali Uchis was officially certified platinum, establishing the young artist as an undeniable force in music and beyond.

‘Fountain Baby’ is out on all platforms and fans can enjoy the highly anticipated new music from one of the most exciting talents in the continent.

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