Aiyedatiwa reacts as Akeredolu sacks deputy’s media aides

Following Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s unexpected decision to terminate the media aides serving Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s office in Ondo State, the deputy governor has promptly reacted to the move, refuting any speculations of a disagreement between him and Governor Akeredolu.

Governor Akeredolu’s announcement to disband the media crew assigned to the deputy governor’s office was made by Richard Olatunde, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Olatunde also specified that the affected personnel are required to return all government properties in their possession to the Acting Permanent Secretary of the Deputy Governor’s Office. They have further been instructed to report back to their respective ministries and stations.

Additionally, Governor Akeredolu has directed the Ministry of Information and Orientation to take charge of providing comprehensive media coverage for the activities of the deputy governor’s office, effective immediately.

These developments unfold after Governor Akeredolu’s return from a three-month medical leave in Germany, during which Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa assumed his responsibilities. The governor officially resumed his duties on Friday, September 08.

Aiyedatiwa responds

However, Aiyedatiwa has vehemently denied any discord between himself and Governor Akeredolu in response to the disbandment of his media team. In a statement issued by Kenneth Odusola, the deputy governor’s spokesperson, Aiyedatiwa labeled the alleged tensions as “pure fabrications” intended to tarnish his reputation.

Aiyedatiwa asserted that those propagating these untruths are driven by fear of his close relationship with Governor Akeredolu and the strong support he enjoys from the state’s residents.

He emphasised, “The lies would have been ignored, but I owe it a duty to prevent the public from being deceived into believing the same falsehoods being repeated and recycled in different forms by those whose sole intention is to soil the image of the man who they see as a threat to their political interests.”

The deputy governor made it clear that these unfounded allegations are a continuation of a previous attempt at blackmail that failed to achieve its intended results. He reaffirmed his unwavering loyalty to Governor Akeredolu, undeterred by orchestrated attempts to sow discord.

In a resolute tone, Aiyedatiwa asserted his commitment to his duties and declared his resilience in the face of what he referred to as “the lies of desperate politicians and their agents.” He boldly stated, “No amount of fabricated lies will change that.”

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