5 times Doyin proved she was queen of highlights on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Doyin had an epic run on the show that raised the bars high on what highlights truly were.

Doyin is out but during her stay, she proved that she was the real queen of highlights on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Before getting evicted on Sunday, September 10, 2023, her stay on the show was filled with wild highlights from defending her bestie from what was termed as bullying, to her scheming to avoid eviction nominations and then ending it all by fighting what she also termed as bullying.

If you missed all the drama, then you’re in luck as we have put together some of Doyin’s dramatic and chaotic moments on BBNaija All Stars. Enjoy!

Doyin goes head-to-head against Pere

She definitely wasn’t moved by Pere’s muscular physique during their quite dramatic altercation on Friday, September 8, 2023. Before the altercation, the parrot had revealed Doyin and several other female housemates’ conversation concerning Cross, Pere and Kimoprah‘s love triangle.

The parrot’s revelations put a target on Doyin, who responded to every single reaction like she was already battle-ready. She remained adamant she wasn’t lying about Pere’s revelations to her about his feelings for Kimoprah, which ended up with Pere punching a hole in the wall.

Fights housemates over bestie

Doyin’s war with Venita began during their altercation about Ilebaye’s things being vandalised. Venita was present during the ordeal and didn’t voice it out until Big Brother revealed it himself, which annoyed Doyin bitterly.

Though Ike was the real culprit, Doyin dragged Venita during their argument as to whether or not she was a true mother. Things didn’t stop there as she also fought other housemates like Cee-C, Neo and Kiddwaya during their separate clashes with Ilebaye.

Refuses to back down from a fight with Kimoprah

After the parrot started spilling secrets, Kimoprah faced Doyin over a controversial statement to Pere. She insisted Doyin said those things out of spit because Pere hadn’t responded to her feelings.

But Doyin wasn’t having it as she clapped back harder reminding all that cared to listen to the fact that she wasn’t afraid. Even when it looked like it could get physical, she stayed and wasn’t shaken by Kimoprah’s outburst.

Goes off on Venita

Doyin kept doling out drama until the very end, as she made her feelings about Venita known to the rest of the world before she made her exit.

During the live show, she said, “If she is not cool with you, she wants the entire space to not be comfortable for you to live in. I think that’s a very mean thing to do, considering the fact that she is quite old, I expect a lot more maturity from her and she lacks all the maturity. she is just very disappointing.”

She didn’t stop there as she noted that Venita’s ship with Adekunle is the reason she has stayed this long on the show. This particular statement before she left is one of the reasons other housemates thought she was behind Adekunle’s love letter.

Owns her flaws at the end

Very few housemates have ever claimed responsibility for the things they did or happened to them during the show. But Doyin took responsibility for the drama in the house with her full chest during her last day of the season.

She revealed to Ebuka the host that her mouth was definitely the reason she had issues finding friendships while in the house.

Doyin’s participation in the All Stars season was indeed one she came battle-ready for. She currently holds the crown as the queen of highlights, and in less than three weeks we will see if anyone else left in the house picks up her mantle of chaos.

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