3 possible reasons most people underrate eba

Unlike some swallows, eba doesn’t smell. It is easy to make, digests easily and even comes with numerous health benefits.

When it comes to swallows in Nigeria, eba or garri as many people call it, is definitely top-tier with the likes of amala.

Unlike some swallows, eba doesn’t smell. It is easy to make, digests easily and even comes with numerous health benefits as it is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

In addition to this, eba also comes with versatility. It can go with different soups and it is even cheaper than some swallows that have better PR.

With all these pros associated with eating eba you would think it will be portrayed as the king or at least, the queen of swallows. But this is not the case and here are three possible reasons most people underrate eba;

1. Where they come from

Cassava is a popular staple grown in many states in Nigeria. But some states have more of other staple crops like yams, compared to cassava. Such states like Benue pay little attention to garri and would definitely prefer the pounded yam option as a form of swallow even though it is more stressful to make. But then, if they do not eat the yams, it will probably waste.

2. They grew up eating other types of swallows

The preferred form of swallow affects the children’s choice when they are grown. In some homes especially those in the southwest part of Nigeria, amala is the most preferred swallow, not because it is better than eba, but because it is readily available and that is what they grew up eating.

3. They have had no taste of good garri

This is probably the major reason most people underrate eba. In places like Warri and even Benin, the kind of garri you find is the one that comes with enough starch that when it is baked, it becomes well moulded and flows down the throat with little effort.

Away from the south-south, you can barely find such good garri for eba and it is quite understandable if people who grow up with such less-elite garri prefer other forms of swallow and see eba as the last resort.

In all, it can be argued that a lesser number of people will underrate eba if they get to eat the elite form of eba such as those found in the southern part of Nigeria…or not.

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