Women are architects of their own political woes, says Anambra lawmaker

He said that women should look inward to discard any practices of harmful rules against them especially the rural dwellers.

Chief Ejike Okechukwu, member representing Anaocha II Constituency in the Anambra House of Assembly, says women are architects of their own political woes.

Okechukwu, who is also House Committee Chairman on Basic Education, made this known he received a group, Anambra 100 Women Lobby Group and 50-50 Women Action Group of Women Aide Collective (WACOL) in Awka.

“Women should stop crying out that men were violating or abusing them. Men actually do not wish political ills on women who have ventured into political affairs.

“The women fail to use their numerical strength to support their fellow women for reasons best known to them.

“Women make rules in their meetings regarding how their burial rites, widowhood, girl child conduct should be it is not the men.

“They put in unfriendly rules starting from period of mourning, shaving of hair, what to wear, genital mutilation among others .

“They enforce these rules too, so they should go back to the basis and change those archaic rules,” he said.

He said that women should look inward to discard any practices of harmful rules against them especially the rural dwellers.

Okechukwu Anambra has domesticated the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP )Law, Judiciary Independence, legislators here is ever wiling to pass laws that would benefit women.

”The gender bill failed because women did not shine their eyes well. The men who stepped down the bill are your brothers, husbands and relatives.

“Women should do their home work very well. Anambra legislators respect women and would act in manner that will benefit them,” he said.

He advised the women to take their advocacy on women inclusion in political affairs outside South East because women are given fair chance in this area.

“Expression of forms are given almost free just to encourage women in political participation and they are appointed into political offices so men are for women ” he said.

Earlier the leader of the delegation of 100 Women Group, Mrs Ify Unachukwu said the group wants a fair chance for women in position sharing.

Unachukwu said that women legislators need to fair treatment.

“All we are asking for is women be given a fair space in the political space because we have the capacity to perform,” she said.

Also, Mrs Nneka Anoliefo of the 50/50 Action Women Group called for the eradication of harmful practices against widows in the state.

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