Woman cries out as son’s school principal brutalised him

The principal was said to have beaten the woman’s child for not writing class notes.

Becky Folorunso, a woman, who identified herself as the mother of a Senior Secondary School student at Pholex Private School, Ebute-Meta in Lagos state, has accused the school’s principal of brutalising her son.

Identifying the accused principal as one Adewale Adetona, Folorunso said the former inflicted injuries on her son for not writing class notes.

According to the accuser, that was not the first time her son, Adam, would be flogged in such a manner by Adetona. The woman provided a picture of her son after the assault, which shows bruises suspected to be from whips on the boy’s back.

Folorunso said while she had scolded her son and warned him to be writing his class notes, beating her child to that extent was uncalled for.

Her words: “He is a playful son, but he is not a bad boy. He came home a few days ago and told me ‘Mummy, this beating is too much.’ He showed me his back and I saw bruises. But not like this very one. He said it was because he did not write one note. I scolded him and warned him to always write his notes.

“But when he came home on Thursday, May 25, he cried, ‘Mummy, I can’t take this any longer.’ When he removed his uniform and showed me his back, I was shocked and asked what happened to him. He said it was because he did not complete his Social Studies notes.”

According to the woman, her son told the principal to check well, but he wouldn’t listen to him. She said the principal began flogging the boy. “I heard he (the principal) said he knew me, but knowing me doesn’t mean he should kill my child,” she added.

Defending his action, Adetona said he doesn’t beat students unjustly, adding that several attempts have been made to encourage Adam to update his notebooks, but he wouldn’t listen.

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