Who wore it better? Tiwa Savage and Chloe Bailey take on the full denim trend

These two fashionistas rocked the same outfit. Here’s how they both rocked it, and at the end, we will rate who wore it the best.

Welcome to another edition of ‘who wore it better?’ This week we have two music superstars on the cusp of a very popular trend, the full denim.

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The full denim trend has women and men rocking denim (or jeans) from head to toe. It is perfect for a casual yet fun outing like a concert or show.

Here’s how Tiwa Savage and Chloe Bailey styled the look:

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa rocked the denim gown with thigh-high denim boots from Sami Miro. You probably shouldn’t wear boots like that when it rains. She finished off the look with a long denim coat.

Chloe Bailey

Chloe had her own gown cinched at the waist perfectly, her hem was also made shorter. She rocked very similar denim boots and a jacket with Tiwa.

Who wore it best? Our take is Chloe did. The look looked more fun on Chloe because of the absence of a bulky hemline.

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