Who wore it better? Nengi Hampson’s recreation, or the original outfit on Didi Stone?

This week on who wore it better, we have two gorgeous women wearing the same outfit.

Nengi Hampson, a Nigerian influencer, took some fashion cues from Congolese model, Didi Stone, by recreating her outfit.

Who wore it better?

Didi Stone

Didi wore a black halterneck gown with silver embellishments to the Cannes Film Festival in Paris, France. The attire was created by none other than the renowned Valdrin Sahiti, who is a favourite of designer of music legend, Beyonce. Didi packed her hair up and left some curls in the front. The hairstyle was perfect for the elegance of the outfit.

Nengi Hampson

Nengi collaborated with Nigerian fashion designer, Lady Beelionaire, to recreate this stunning look. She wore it to the AMVCA. The designer did such a good job, it looks like the Valdrin gown. Nengi was also spotting a similar hairstyle to Didi’s.

Well, we think Didi wore it best. She was the first person spotted with it after all, and she is wearing the original and not the copy.

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