Whitemoney’s team responds to allegations that they sold his votes

They stress that their loyalty to Whitemoney remains unwavering.

Big Brother Naija star Whitemoney’s team has stressed that that they did not sell his votes and were not responsible for his eviction.

The statement made by his team was uploaded to his official Instagram page, stressing that the reality star’s statements were taken out of context. They clarified that there were some malicious people behind hacking his page, adding that they did not sell his votes.

It read in part, “Our attention has been drawn to Whitemoney’s interview with Hero Daniels currently circulating across social media. In the interview, Whitemoney expressed his hurt over some unfortunate incidences which included the hacking of his account twice and sabotage by a few sly persons he entrusted with tasks. Please, this is to notify the public that his statement was totally taken out of context.”

This comes after Whitemoney went viral for alleging that he was evicted from the show because he was betrayed by his own team. This occurred during his post-eviction interview with media personality Hero Daniels.

He said, “During my stay in the All-Star House, I was facing both internal and external battles. And I felt it. Things were happening. When I came out, I discovered that a lot of things were happening to me when I was inside; my Instagram page got hacked, my votes got sold by my own team, internal betrayals”

When probed further by his interviewer, he stressed that he was indeed betrayed by his team members. He also added that he was not surprised that he was evicted from the reality show, noting that he had a hunch that the winner of the show would be a woman.

“Yes, my votes got sold by my own team. Internally, I was betrayed. I didn’t go on the show to win and I knew I was not going to win. And I know that the winner is going to be a woman. I already had that message from the beginning of the show. But I know I was prepared to get to a very large extent, which I did; for eight weeks. But the fact that when I came out I saw that people manipulate… Not the show organisers o, my own team betrayed me, was so hurtful,” he added.

He was evicted alongside Neo, Alex, and houseguest Omashola on Sunday, September 17, 2023.

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