Where to get pyjamas for Christmas couple photoshoots that are under ₦6,000

Couples, it’s that time of the year when you don’t let single people breathe.

One of the enduring traditions of the holiday season is couples and families taking cosy pictures of themselves on Christmas Day.

If you want to be a part of that tradition this year, we have cheap couples pjyamas for less than ₦6,000.

We found five pyjamas that will make you and your partner the ultimate couple.

Red and white pyjamas

Family pyjamas [aliexpress]

Red and white pyjamas are a classic Christmas choice. There are just ₦407 on AliExpress. Aliexpress delivers to Nigeria, so don’t think you can’t get it.

The silk pyjamas

Silk Pyjamas [Aliexpress]

There is nothing as luxurious as silk. We found a 2-in-1 pair of pyjamas set on Ali Express for ₦5,791.

Multicoloured pyjama set

Multicoloured matching pyjamas

This colourful pyjama set from AliExpress is perfect for a fun and festive Christmas. It’s just ₦4,083 on Ali Express.

Elk Print Hooded Jumpsuit

Elk Print Hooded Jumpsuit [Aliexpress]

This cosy elk print hooded jumpsuit from AliExpress is perfect for your Christmas photoshoot. It costs just ₦2,833 on Ali Express.

Flannel Plush Couple Set

Flannel plush set [Aliexpress]

You don’t need to get Christmas-themed pyjamas; you can get this comfy flannel set for just ₦5,813 on Ali Express.

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