Tonye Solomon sets Guiness World Record for climbing ladder with football

He has the most steps climbed on a ladder while balancing a football on the head.

The Guinness World Record setter, Tonye Solomon, initially walked 60 km with a football on his head from Amassoma to Yenagoa in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, but many doubted the authenticity of this ever happening.

He then decided to make it official by setting a new record for the most steps climbed on a ladder while balancing a football on his head. This happened in August 2023.

Tonye successfully climbed 150 steps to the top of a 250-foot-tall radio mast. Surprisingly, the ball stayed on his head the entire time.

When asked about this great feat, Tonye said he wanted to set this record to challenge himself and inspire others to do great things. He spent two months training for this and practised consistently until he was confident enough in his skill. Apparently, it paid off because, during the attempt, Tonye took just 12 and a half minutes to set this new record.

After climbing all 150 steps, Tonye threw the ball down and celebrated his achievement, thanking all those involved. “It wasn’t easy. I thank the Nigerian Civil Defense Bayelsa State Command for allowing me use their facility for this,” he said.

Tonye is part of the Chukwuebuka Freestyle Academy, which is responsible for producing several record-breaking individuals, such as Kid Eche, who set the record for the fastest time to 1000 football touches while balancing a ball on the head. This was done in 7 minutes, 46 seconds. The same boy also set the record for most consecutive football touches in one minute while balancing a football on his head.

Vincent Okezie and Victor Richard Kipo hold the record for most football ‘around the world’ tricks with arms linked and another record for most transfers of footballs spun on the finger in 30 seconds. Notably, Kipo is the first Nigerian with the most Guinness Record achievement, holding eight records in total!

Another record was achieved by Chukwuebuka Ezugha, Kipo, and Okezie, also part of the Chukwuebuka Freestyle Academy, for the most consecutive passes of a football between the head and soles while balancing on the back of a person.

Last but not least was Confidence Kipo, who holds the record for most knee transfers of a football spun on the finger in one minute.

These are all truly amazing feats.

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