Tiebreak Solutions: Innovation in Martech and Fintech


Tiebreak Solutions Ltd is a company that has established itself as a significant player in the Martech and Fintech industry.

The firm develops, owns, and provides proprietary fintech software systems, which include, among others, a technological trading solution/platform and infrastructure that facilitates online trading, as well as a technological management platform that allows for the integration of marketing, sales, and analytics.

Fintech vs Martech

Fintech, or financial technology, is a term used to describe new technologies that seek to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. ​​Fundamentally, fintech aims to assist businesses, business owners, and consumers in better managing their financial operations, processes and lives through the use of specialized algorithms and software that are used on computers and, increasingly, on smartphones. Fintech, at its core, is aimed at challenging traditional methods in the financial services sector through innovation.

On the other hand, Martech, or marketing technology, refers to the set of software and tools that assist in the achievement of marketing objectives and strategies. These technologies allow for the optimization of marketing activities, from the distribution of digital content to the automation of tasks and the collection of data for analysis. The purpose of martech is to enable companies and marketing professionals to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively through the automation of processes and the personalization of customer interaction.

Tiebreak Solutions operates at the intersection of these two dynamic fields, offering solutions that empower both financial and marketing institutions with advanced technological tools and proprietary systems that are reshaping the current landscape of business and financial operations.

Global Presence

The company’s influence spans over 3 million trading users worldwide – explained at Tiebreak Solutions – and extends across ten countries on four continents, demonstrating constant growth and robust trust from its clients in the platform it offers.

Beyond Work

Tiebreak Solutions focuses not only on seriousness and professionalism; the well-being and morale of its employees are equally important. The firm – its executives explain – cultivates an environment where hard work is balanced with leisure and fun. From the weekly “Happy Fridays” to corporate parties and team-building activities, the company ensures that the team not only works well but also lives and has fun together.

A culture of Inclusion and Expression

Tiebreak Solutions – as detailed by the company – values the voice of its employees, offering a space for them to present their passions, hobbies, and interests, maintaining an environment where freedom of expression and the well-being of its staff are of high priority.

The company also invites talented professionals to become part of their team, even if they do not find an open position that fits their profile at the moment. Tiebreak Solutions encourages interested parties to send their resume and a few words about themselves to its human resources department, promising contact when the right position arises.

For more information about current opportunities and the company’s culture, one can visit their careers page or contact them directly through their email: hr@tiebreak.solutions.


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