The Ultimate Afrobeats Workout Playlist: 10 songs on Apple Music to Spice up Your Fitness Game

Hey Apple Music lovers! Ready to take your workout to the next level? Say goodbye to mundane gym sessions and hello to the rhythm of Naija beats!

Are you tired of the same old workout tunes that make you want to hit the snooze button rather than hit the gym?

Fear not, fit fam! We’ve handpicked some Nigerian songs for the Ultimate Afrobeats Workout Playlist on the Apple Music streaming service, that will transform your exercise routine from a chore to a dance party.

The playlist features 10 Nigerian tracks released in 2023 that will turn your fitness routine into a celebration.

Let’s get into the bops we’ve selected for you below:

City Boys – Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s I TOLD THEM album cover art (Instagram/Burna Boy)

We already guessed everyone already has this song on their workout playlist.

Well, if you don’t. Now would be a good time to add this to your Afrobeats workout playlist on Apple Music.

The song is off Burna Boy’s sixth studio album ‘I Told Them’ and has already racked up streams across various platforms.

City Boys is the perfect track to inject some afro-fusion into your workout.

Feel the energy as you vibe to the catchy melodies and upbeat tempo courtesy of the Grammy Award-winning megastar.

Borrow – Tekno

Tekno’s The More The Better album cover art (X/Tekno)

If you need a workout anthem that kicks? Tekno’s ‘Borrow’ is the ultimate fitness fuel. Its pulsating rhythm and electrifying vibes transform your reps into a rhythmic masterpiece from one of our generation’s most versatile Nigerian singers.

There is no need to borrow motivation – this track delivers it with a beat drop.

Borrow is from Tekno’s impressive 2023 album ‘The More The Better’ and also available on Apple Music.

Pump up the volume and let Tekno be the turbocharge your workout has been waiting for!


‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ is one of the most popular songs of ODUMODUBLVCK’s 2023 album ‘EZIOKWU’

Currently topping several music charts across the country, this list would not be complete without Odumodublvck.

The talented NATIVE Records rapper is quickly gaining notoriety for making bangers.

Blood On the Dance Floor is one of the most popular songs of his 2023 album ‘EZIOKWU’ and features talented singer, songwriter and record producer Bloody Civilian alongside US rapper Wale.

Its electrifying energy propels you through each rep and step, turning your sweat session into a pulsating performance.

With a blend of Afro-fusion and captivating beats, this track makes exercise irresistible.

This song is a must-have on your Afrobeats workout playlist on Apple Music.

I Don’t Like You – Bloody Civilian

Released in 2023, ‘Anger Management’ is Bloody Civilian’s debut EP

Bloody Civilian has lowkey been making serious bangers and we’ve always been there.

This song’s infectious rebellion will transform your exercise routine into a powerhouse of determination.

From heavy beats to unapologetic lyrics, you just have to let the music be your ally in conquering every rep and reaching new heights.

The song is off her debut EP ‘Anger Management’ and is also available on Apple Music.

Get ready to own your workout like a boss with this pulse-pounding jam!

Great Guy – Asake

Work of Art by Asake album cover art (Instagram/Asake)

If Asake isn’t on this list, who else would?

Asake’s undying penchant for consistently making hits makes his catalogue an entire multiverse for every mood.

Cited as arguably the best song off his 2023 album ‘Work of Art’, Great Guy turns your workout into a blockbuster!

With its infectious beats and high-energy vibes, this track by Mr. Money transforms every squat into a power move and every jog into a victory lap.

It’s not just a song; it’s your workout hype anthem, pushing you to be the great guy or gal conquering those fitness goals!

The song is available on Apple Music, so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t add it to your workout playlist.

HOV – Rema

Rema’s ‘Calm Down’ remix off the deluxe version of his album ‘Rave & Roses’ is the biggest Nigerian song on Spotify

The Prince of Afrobeats has released some memorable bops since bursting onto the scene in 2019.

HOV is just another example of Rema’s sheer versatility and phenomenal talent in the industry.

The song is off the album Rave & Roses Ultra (initially released 2022).

The rhythm is so contagious that it practically drags you through each set, turning your reps into dance moves.

With Rema’s magnetic vocals and the song’s energizing beats, you’ll find yourself effortlessly pushing limits and achieving new fitness heights.

Turn up the volume right after you add this song to your workout playlist on Apple Music.

KANTE – Davido ft Fave

Timeless is Davdo’s fourth studio album

Davido’s legacy as one of the greatest Afrobeats artistes of his generation has since been sealed.

With a remarkable catalogue of timeless classics, KANTE is right up there in the conversation of one of his most impressive collabs.

Davido recruits the talented songstress, Fave, on this Afrobeats banger.

Off his fourth studio album ‘Timeless’, the song’s infectious rhythm makes it a secret sauce for a pumped-up session, or even a potential dance-off, making each move as exciting as the next drop.

Tour – Ruger

Jonzing World superstar Ruger has taken the Afrobeats scene by storm since his arrival

If you need a sonic power-up for your sweat session? Search for Ruger’s ‘Tour’ on Apple Music.

The song is off his debut album ‘RU The World’ under Jonzing Records.

Tour is a heart-pounding, beat-packed journey that turns your workout into a fitness fiesta from one of the most talented performers in the Nigerian music industry.

‘Tour’ isn’t just a song, it’s almost like a VIP ticket to a fitness revolution!

It’s about time you add this bop to your workout playlist, if you haven’t already.

Do I – Phyno

‘Do I’ by Phyno cover art (Instagram/Phyno)

Believe it when we say this song is the perfect substitute if you need a workout hype-man.

The rhythmic energy on this Amapiano-themed track propels you through every squat and sprint.

He dropped this song this year and it’s been disturbing on the charts as well.

The track’s pulsating tempo transforms your gym routine into a high-octane adventure. Adding this song to your workout playlist on Apple Music means you’re ready to crush your goals with a soundtrack that matches your determination.

INTOXYCATED – Oxlade ft. Dave

Oxlade teamed up with Dave for ‘INTOXYCATED’ – Cover art credit(X/Oxlade)

Oxlade teamed up with prominent UK rapper Santan Dave to create this chill and melodic masterpiece.

This song offers an infectious blend of Afrobeat vibes and pulsating energy that will have you smashing personal records and sweating glitter.

The beat itself is intoxicating and Oxlade’s stellar vocals coupled with Dave’s piercing bars is more than enough reason for it to be on your workout playlist.

There you have it, fitness enthusiasts! The ultimate Naija workout playlist on Apple Music.

Press play, let the beats guide you, and turn your workout into a celebration of Nigerian music.

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