Pere hits the wall in altercation with Doyin on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Housemates are still very heated about the secrets leaked even though it has been hours since it happened.

Pere hits the wall as he and Doyin go head-to-head over the secrets spilt by the parrot on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

The duo finally had a discussion about Doyin’s comment on Pere and Kimoprah’s love triangle. But things quickly get heated between them with Pere going as far as hitting the wall which got damaged immediately and brushing off other housemates who tried to quell the situation.

Doyin insisted she wasn’t lying when she revealed Pere had said he liked Kimoprah, even daring him to hit her. Pere, on the other hand, claimed he didn’t say so, even insisting that Doyin was lying about what really happened.

In a bid to clarify the situation, the two of them insisted on inviting Cee-C who was also present during the conversation they were making reference to. But Cee-C confirmed both their claims which made things a bit more complicated.

Alex has been accused of being the instigator of the current altercation between Doyin and Pere. Apparently, Alex brought up the issue of what the parrot had said the night before in her bit to try and settle things. But both parties weren’t having it and wanted to defend themselves before other BBNaija All Stars housemates.

Only time can tell the consequences of today’s actions because Pere didn’t hit the wall alone but also aggressively brushed Neo and Cross in the process.

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