Pere and Mercy tease the possibility of a relationship on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

New All Stars pair prepares to spring up into something amidst the individual entanglements.

Pere and Mercy tease viewers about the possibility of them becoming a ship on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Thursday night pool parties have always been something the All Stars housemates look forward to but tonight the viewers would have to also look out for this duo. They were shown in the garden playing around with each other as they made references to their intent for each other at the pool party tonight.

Pere for one seemed really excited about the party and warned Mercy about what he could and would do to her later tonight. Mercy, on the other hand, made it clear, that she wouldn’t be drinking at tonight’s party as she spoke more about her eviction scares and her desire to avoid drama.

It was nice to see her have some comfort in the house as she had battled feeling alone since Frodd‘s eviction and now this week’s eviction scares.

The possibility of these two becoming an All Stars ship has been something they have been hinting at for weeks from the sudden closeness to the steamy dances during house parties and then the passionate kisses.

More suspense built up, when Mercy became an item with Whitemoney and Pere too had the dilemma of liking Kimoprah, which made it difficult to tell what was really going on. We will see if Mercy escapes eviction this Sunday and possibly the viewers can see if these two really become something.

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