Parrot returns with more secrets after a long break on ‘BBNaija All Stars’

Big Brother is done with his reign of peace as he sets the parrot loose again.

The Parrot is back to spilling secret conversations the housemates have on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Recall the Parrot has always been a bearer of secrets, but it had never sparked this much chaos before. This time it wasn’t just one secret or one All Star housemate exposed, and the housemates concerned didn’t just sweep things under the carpet like before.

Here are the secrets revealed and the drama that ensued afterwards:

Neo and Angel butt heads over Doyin’s eviction nominations

Doyin’s conversation with another housemate about Neo spilling Angel’s plan with Soma to nominate her for eviction was leaked by the parrot.

Apparently, Neo claimed Angel spoke to other housemates about putting Doyin up for eviction on Monday. This led to Doyin feeling hurt about Angel’s nomination, considering the fact that a pact was made about not putting each other up for eviction.

Angel immediately went off at Neo about his comment, defending herself about not making such a comment to another housemate. Neo, on the other hand, claimed he only said she mentioned Doyin’s name when she was talking.

Things proceeded to an altercation in the locker room between Neo and Angel as the latter refused to let go of an undisclosed item that belonged to Neo. She shoved Neo which called the attention of Soma to try and separate the two of them.

Pere breaks down in tears as Kimoprah goes off on Doyin

The Parrot managed to get the self-acclaimed general “Pere” cry as he revealed what Mercy, Cee-C, Alex and Doyin said about him.

BBNaija All Stars housemates were shocked when they heard the ladies’ comments on Pere being a weakling about Kimoprah and Cross. Even though Doyin said the conversations weren’t in the order that the parrot had revealed, the ladies were still guilty off claiming Kimoprah was playing Pere with Cross.

The words said about him were too much for Pere as he burst into tears after holding things in for a while.

Kimoprah called Doyin out, claiming what she said about Pere was because he didn’t respond to her feelings. The two had a back and forth almost led to a serious altercation. But other housemates like Alex, Cee-C and Ilebaye stepped in to separate the ladies.

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