No more fuel subsidy – President Tinubu

Tinubu has confirmed his decision on fuel subsidies

President Bola Tinubu officially assumed office as the new President of Nigeria today, following the successful transition from former President Muhammadu Buhari.

In his inauguration speech delivered at the historic event, President Tinubu made a significant announcement, declaring an end to fuel subsidies in the country.

Addressing the nation from Eagle Square in Abuja, President Tinubu expressed deep admiration for his predecessor, commending him as an honest and patriotic leader who had tirelessly worked for the welfare of the nation.

The newly inaugurated President warmly acknowledged the partnership and friendship he shared with Buhari, expressing his hope that history would remember him in a favorable light.

With utmost confidence in the Nigerian people, President Tinubu pledged to fulfill the sacred mandate entrusted to him. He emphasised the greatness of the nation and its unwavering determination to fulfill its destiny.

Despite enduring hardships that would have overwhelmed other countries, Tinubu hailed Nigeria’s resilience and called for the preservation and advancement of the progress made by previous generations.

We must never allow the sacrifices of our predecessors to go in vain,” declared President Tinubu. “Instead, let us nurture their legacy and strive to create a brighter and more prosperous reality for our beloved nation.”

The newly sworn-in President expressed gratitude to his supporters and extended his thanks to those who did not vote for him. He emphasised the need for unity and collaboration to build a better Nigeria.

President Tinubu also highlighted the issue of security as a top priority for his administration. He pledged to reform the security doctrine and architecture, making significant investments in security personnel, training, and equipment.

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