Nigeria Air: Court grants Sirika, daughter, 2 others ₦100m bail each

Sirika, his daughter, and his son-in-law, Jalal Sule Hamma, were all being arraigned before the Abuja High Court.

A Federal High Court in Abuja has approved bail of ₦100 million each, requiring two sureties, for former Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika, his daughter, and two co-accused individuals.

They face trial on charges of an alleged fraud totalling ₦2.7 billion.

The court ruled that the individuals providing surety must possess real estate in Abuja and be considered upstanding citizens.

Additionally, they are required to submit a sworn statement detailing their financial status.

Furthermore, the defendants are prohibited from travelling overseas without prior approval from the court.

Justice Oriji stated that if the defendants cannot fulfil the conditions of their release, they will be held in prison custody.

Nigeria Air scandal

In a recent development surrounding the Nigeria Air scandal, the spotlight falls on Hadi Sirika, the former Minister of Aviation.

Allegations surfaced implicating Sirika in potential misconduct related to the failed Nigeria Air project.

The project aimed to establish a national carrier but was met with controversy and ultimately collapsed.

Investigations suggest financial irregularities and mismanagement under Sirika’s tenure.

As the inquiry unfolds, scrutiny intensifies on Sirika’s involvement, raising questions about accountability and transparency within Nigeria’s aviation sector.

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