Nancy Isime’s Gym Fashion Secrets: Where to find her workout outfits

Take your cue from Nancy Isime and check out some of her favourite stores for gym wear.

Nancy Isime, a certified gym buddy and fitness icon, is always sporting stylish and functional gym wear.

We’re inspired by her choices, and we will give some tips on where she finds the perfect gym clothes, so you can too.

The right apparel can make a big difference in your workout routine. It can help you move freely and even boost your confidence. Plus, many gym clothes can be worn for casual outings too.

Here’s where Nancy gets her gym wears:

Petals Lagos

Nancy loves this brand, and we see why. The name is as soft and feminine as their active wear. This brand is known for its soft and feminine activewear. They have a wide variety of pieces, including yoga pants, sports bras, one-piece bodysuits, and tracksuits. Their prices are also very affordable; some cost as little as ₦16,000. You can order from their website,

Tora Athletics

We’ve spotted Nancy on Tora Athletics a couple of times. This brand has some pretty colours and stylish activewear that will make working out easy. You can also wear their outfits to other places outside the gym. You can simply order from their website, Tora Athletics.


Are you a fitness lover if your closet isn’t full of Nike apparel? Nancy wears a lot of Nike, and you should too. Nike takes centre stage when it comes to beauty and functionality. Although they come with a hefty price tag, that’s what you get for durability. You can simply order online at or visit their store at Ikeja City Mall or Circle Mall.

Ak Healthy

This is certainly a favourite of Nancy’s; their gym wear collection is massive and beautiful, but you should have enough money to shop with them. The average price for their gym set is ₦46,000. They have a website you can shop on.

Lily’s Secret

Nancy Isime is a regular customer of this gym wear line that is owned by Nigerian actress Lilian Afegbai. They sell a variety of pieces, including lingerie, beach wear, and simple and very affordable gym wear. Some sets cost just ₦18,000 and it’s available on their website.

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