Muluwerk hasn’t eaten food or drank water in 16 years

Muluwerk, an Ethiopian woman claims she hasn’t eaten or drunk anything in the last 16 years.

According to Muluwerk, she lost her appetite for food or water at a young age. She stopped eating at age 10, and now she’s 26, making it 16 years since she last ate. The last food she ate was beans.

She lives in Jimma, Addis Ababa with her family. The mother of one shared that she had medical checkups in three countries, India, Qatar, and Dubai. They tested her for a week and checked her mental status, but she was found to be healthy and normal.

Drew Binsky, a Guinness World Record holder and prominent UK-based YouTuber and blogger visited Ethiopia to explore her story. After meeting Muluwerk, he discovered her medical tests in Dubai that verified her account. He and his crew looked into it further, and they confirmed her story.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, doctors gave me glucose to supplement the natural body energy, and when I gave birth, she fed on artificial milk. Living such a life is the work of God.” She said.

Muluwerk said that many people, especially her church members, are shocked by her life, but she believes God designed her in a special way to be the centre of attention from healthy examiners.

How long can humans live without food?

Although our bodies are inventive and can get energy and fuel from fat and muscle stores without food, it’s only a matter of days before we die. The body fights starvation by producing glucose and breaking down fatty tissue, but without food, these efforts will fail, leading to death. Estimates suggest that starving people become weak in 30–50 days and die in 43–70 days.

How long can you survive with water? [businessday]

How long can humans live without water?

While one can survive days without food, water is more important. As a general rule, a person can survive without water for about three days. The longest known person to go without water is Andreas Mihavecz, an Austrian bricklayer who was locked in a police cell for 18 days in 1979. His case even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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