Mr Macaroni says he’s not in the market for a relationship

He stated that even though he’s single, he understands the need for companionship.

Nigerian comedian and actor Mr Macaroni has confessed that that he is staying single because he does not want to ‘chop breakfast.’

In a new interview with WAZOBIA FM, Mr Macaroni stated that he is not looking for a relationship, even though he has someone that he admires greatly. In between laughter, he pointed out that he is avoiding romance because he does not want to get his heart broken.

He started, “My love life is in a state of hullabaloo. It’s topsy turvy. I cannot speak for the women who may be eyeing me but I can speak for myself. I have someone that I admire. I have been very single for the most part of my life and right now I’m not looking for relationships, marriage or anything that involves a love affair because I’m not ready to chop breakfast.”

The radio host then asked the activist if his singleness served as a catalyst to the success he attained, to which responded no.

“I disagree with the notion that being in a relationship might have made my rise to success slower. Even though I say I don’t want to have a relationship, I still have one or two people that I talk to that keep me going. So I would never downplay the essence of companionship,” he said.

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