Moet Abebe tearfully discloses reasons behind her failed engagement

The on-air personality no longer believes in the institution of marriage.

Moet Abebe, the famous Nigerian video jockey and actress, has tearfully disclosed the reasons behind her failed engagement, revealing that her partner was violent and abusive.

In an emotional interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, she bravely shared her painful experience and the factors that led to the end of her relationship.

“I could have been a married woman right now. I was engaged, but it didn’t work out. Also, it was a violent relationship. And I realised that is not what I want for myself,” Abebe revealed.

She went on to explain the difficult journey she endured, saying, “I was in a violent relationship for about two and a half years. It wasn’t even a thing that someone would have to come and drag me out of the relationship, I need to sort of realise that no more, this cannot be you loving yourself. You being here means that you don’t want the best for yourself. And that was how I left the relationship.”

The actress’ disclosure comes after she openly expressed her discontent with the institution of marriage in a social media Q&A session with her fans. When a fan proposed to her, she responded by saying, “I don’t think I want to get married. It’s a major fraud. But what do I know?”

Watch the full interview:

Laura Monyeazo Abebe, widely recognised as Moet Abebe is a Nigerian video jockey, television presenter, actress, and catering executive. Moet’s journey to stardom began when she made the decision to return to Nigeria with aspirations of pursuing a career as a TV presenter.

Shortly after relocating to Lagos, Nigeria, she seized an opportunity to audition for Soundcity TV. Impressing the judges, Moet successfully secured a position as a TV presenter and producer for the network. She quickly gained popularity on Soundcity TV, where she hosted shows like One On One, Body & Soul, and Global Countdown.

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