I’m literally the best father in the world – ‘BBNaija’ star Omashola

He seeks to give his son everything he never had growing up.

Big Brother Naija star Omashola Oburoh has detailed what fatherhood means to him, and his journey so far.

Guest starring on Hero Daniels‘ podcast after his recent eviction from the Big Brother All Stars show, he stressed that he is trying to break generational trauma between father and son.

Omashola described his fatherhood journey as beautiful, noting that because he grew up without his own father he strives to do things differently and give his son everything he never got growing up.

He said, “Fatherhood is beautiful, me growing up, I didn’t really grow up with my dad due to some family problems. But I grew up with my uncle who is actually my dad right; now my mom’s sister’s husband, and he took me in like one of his own. It made me open my eyes to a lot of things and father right now and I won’t say that I’m the best father in the world but yes if you want to compete with me come outside cuz I feel I’m literally the best father in the world that’s because I tried to give my son every single thing my dad did not give me.”

Omashola became a father in 2022 [Instagram/Sholzy23]

Going further, he highlighted the ways he parents his son which are different from the way he was raised by his uncle back in the day. The reality star stressed that he pays extra attention to him, consistently prays for him and even tells him that he loves him; contrary to how it was back in his day. Omashola stressed that he also strives to teach his little one how to love his father.

“I tried showing the love that I didn’t get, I try to pay attention to the things that I know I would have loved to be paid attention to in the past. So I’m always there for him and whenever you need my help is always there, always in my prayers every day and I can’t stop telling my son ‘I love you’ a lot. It’s wild cuz in our time I don’t think any of us can literally look our fathers in the eyes and say I love you they’d slap you and ask what is that? I want to teach my son how to love his father,” he continued.

Omashola uniquely proposed to his longtime girlfriend in 2021. He then announced the good news via his Instagram on Friday, December 31st, 2021, where he shared the proposal video, disclosing that he proposed underwater!

The happy couple soon welcomed their son Eyitemi Daniel Oburoh to the world on Friday, February 11, 2022. Their cute little boy is now a year old.

See the full interview below:

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