I’m a lover boy, I believe in having my own person – Yhemo Lee

Does anybody actually like being on the streets though? Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Nigerian singer Idowu Adeyemi, aka Yhemo Lee, would rather be a lover than be on the ‘streets’.

He made this assertion during an interview with Jermaine on the BTS REALITY SHOW, noting that being single all the time is not his cup of tea. He believes in companionship, as opposed to hooking up with multiple people. According to the artist and actor, he has always been a lover boy.

“I’m a loverboy, I’ve always been a lover boy, right from school I dey like get my own girl. I don’t believe in the streets, the streets is brutal. The streets is sweet sometimes but it’s wild, I like companionship. In fact, I dey wait make dem come marry me commot from the Igboro cuz this igboro, e brutal,” he said.

Yhemo Lee also stressed that he does not believe in the ‘love at first sight’ phenomenon. He believes that it is possible to be attracted to them, but loving them is impossible. He then also mentioned that he does not mind materialistic women who want to be spent on because he loves to spend on them himself.

He said, “I don’t think there is such a thing as love at first sight. You can be attracted to someone, something can hit you and you feel a spark. you may see a lady now and feel that she’s beautiful, she’s hot, then you start doing things to start to love her.”

Yhemo Lee was in full lover-boy mode during his public relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tayo, showering her with gifts and trips. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in July 2023 on claims of infidelity, though the reports were conflicting.

Some claimed that the singer had sultry pictures of Tayo’s friend on his friend, while others claimed that Tayo got involved with an older man. The actual reason remains unclear but both parties have moved on.

See the full BTS Reality show episode below:

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