If you feel insecure about your saggy boobs, read this

Sagging breasts are nothing to be ashamed of, as they are a very common and natural occurrence in women.

A lot of women complain about the appearance of saggy breasts which, to an extent, is more of societal pressure rather than it being an inherent flaw.

To put simply, it has little to do with them and more to do with society, as much of this pressure stems from unrealistic beauty standards, mostly coming from the criticism of men. These men, toxic men, might I add, are misguided individuals who are oblivious to how the female body works and would take it upon themselves to body shame women.

We are all too familiar with derogatory comments circulating on social media like, “flat like slippers”, “the wall of Jericho has fallen” or “fallen heroes” among many other irritating and hurtful remarks. These kinds of misinformed comments make women self-conscious, always wanting to conform to society’s idea of perfection, sometimes driving women to risky lengths like surgery just to gain social acceptance.

Men need to understand that…

Saggy boobs are completely normal!

The breast is made up of fatty tissues, devoid of bones or muscles, so it is unrealistic to expect them to remain standing, firm and perky, especially in women with bigger boobs. Instead of passing disparaging remarks about the flatness or the fallen state of those heroes, appreciate God’s work and move on. You have no excuse to be so misinformed when the internet is filled with great resources for you to learn from.

And don’t even get me started on men who are misinformed about menstruation. That’ll be a discussion for another day.

As for women, you need to understand that…

Regardless of societal pressure to look a certain way, you are beautiful.

Your body’s shape, skin tone, breast size and disposition are all unique aspects that contribute to your beauty. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are perfect.

Your boobs sagging is naturally due to age and gravity, as breast muscles lose their youthful flexibility and firmness over time.

Let me spell it out for you, YOUR BODY IS NORMAL, SIS! LOVE IT.

I once had a friend who constantly complained about her body. She’d nitpick her weight and thick thighs. She hated her gap teeth, complained about her skin tone and wanted to be lighter. Her tummy and boobs didn’t escape the criticism; she equally hated both and wished she looked different.

Ironically, these were the very features that people loved about her, especially her gap tooth. The problem was not her body, but rather her perception of herself in the mirror—a struggle that many women can relate to. You need to learn to love who you are, appreciate your present body and embrace the changes that will come with time.

You should be that woman who truly feels comfortable in her own skin, regardless of stretch marks, saggy boobs, big bellies, thick thighs, dark skin tone, everything! Every aspect of you is worth celebrating. Love the woman who stares back at you whenever you stand in front of a mirror.

There is no greater act of self-love than loving yourself fully, naked or clothed.

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