I can never be pressured or shaken – Iyabo Ojo

The actress has fearlessly voiced out her opinions.

Popular Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo has delivered a message indirectly aimed at the government, asserting her commitment to her beliefs.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress made it clear that no external force could break her spirit or dictate her principles. Yesterday, June 5, 2023, the thespian expressed frustrations over an alleged ₦18 million tax request from the Lagos State government in a now-deleted post.

Taking to her Instagram page, the film producer boldly wrote, “I stand & re stan obediently on my beliefs. I can never be pressured or shaken. I will never bow down to tribal bigots… I want a better Nigeria, I don’t care whose ego gets bruised. We cannot all believe in the same thing. I see no tribe. I only see my country. I’m a Nigerian… I am not afraid of death, for that is inevitable. I will never be afraid to air my opinion, for that is my right.”

She emphasised that her beliefs transcend tribal divisions and that she envisions a united country where every citizen has a voice.

The actress continued with, “I have no enemies. We may not all believe in the same course, we may not see things the same way, but you’re not my enemy because at the end of the day, either good or bad, we’re in together. We’re all citizens of Nigeria.”

Ojo expressed that her concern lies with the progress of Nigeria as a whole, rather than immediate personal gains.

She emphasised, “I have empathy for my country and not for stomach infrastructure. If after 8 years Nigeria has renewed hope, then my beliefs may change, but till then, I obediently stand on my beliefs.”

The actress concluded her message by declaring, “If you didn’t make me, you can’t break me. You can take the body but never my soul.”

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