How to spend less money on food in a terrible economy

Food prices keep rising with no hope of low prices in sight. What can you do about it?

All over the world, the aches of food inflation are felt, but the situation in Africa is dire. Africans are struggling to eat three times daily.

At this point, they are spending all their money to buy food and transport themselves. It’s not easy, especially for people with large families. Here’s how they can cope;

Join a food contribution group

Most times, food is expensive because many people are buying food from middlemen. By eliminating middlemen, you have access to cheaper food. The issue is you might not have the money to buy food in bulk from the warehouse alone, but if two or more people contribute money, they can buy more food in bulk and split it amongst themselves.

Buy food from the farmer’s market

Go to a farmer’s market [punch]

The market beside your house is more expensive than you imagine. Go to the places where those who sell by the roadside market get their stock, and this is usually the farmer’s market. In a farmer’s market, the farmers are the ones selling. In Lagos, that will be a place like mile 12.

Store food in the refrigerator

This is not the time to demand fresh food. If you cook every day, you are wasting raw food, ingredients and gas. Make a lot of stews and soups and keep them in the refrigerator, so you can just heat them whenever you are hungry. Storing food in the refrigerator also prevents food wastage.

But of course, this only works if you have regular power supply or a generator that can power your refrigerator.

Grow your food

It will cost you nothing and saves you money if you have a vegetable garden around your house. You can grow tomatoes, pepper and other garden vegetables.

Limit fast food, stop ordering food or eating out

Don’t be deceived that buying fast food is cheaper than cooking; it is not. The only fast food that’s a little bit cheap is roadside meals, and we can’t attest that they are hygienically prepared.

Plus, going to chain fast food restaurants is a luxury and not a necessity. Stock up your home and remember there is food at home.

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