How to make money on WhatsApp

Do you want to make money on WhatsApp? Try these tested methods to start earning on the popular social media app.

So many people use WhatsApp daily. It is one social media app that has become so important that you almost cannot go a day without using it.

Very few people, however, know that their time spent on WhatsApp can be converted into money.

How to make money on WhatsApp

Well, if you are wondering, here are seven ways to make money from WhatsApp;

1. Sell your business on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is one app that has made it easier for people to make money on WhatsApp. You can easily set up your online store using WhatsApp Business.

If you are into the sale of clothes, food items or any other items, simply create a catalogue of your goods to showcase them.

WhatsApp Business also makes it easy to manage inquiries, process orders and other ways to interact with your customers.

2. Advertise on WhatsApp

You can also make money on WhatsApp by advertising to your contacts or on groups. WhatsApp is one social media app that has made it easy to interact with real people across many locations and this can be utilised to make money on WhatsApp.

Advertising your business on WhatsApp can be done in several ways. These include;

Share on your WhatsApp status

To make money on WhatsApp, you can share your business on your WhatsApp status with your contacts. You might need to do this consistently but it is important not to spam your contacts with endless pictures and videos of your business or else they will get bored and stop viewing your status.

This does not have to be just your business. You can also advertise for other businesses on your WhatsApp status if you have lots of contacts and charge a fee for it.

Advertise on WhatsApp Groups

Another way to get your business to the right audience and make money from WhatsApp is to advertise on WhatsApp groups. This also has to be done with care so you are not kicked off such groups for spamming them.

One great idea is to make your WhatsApp name about your business. For example, your WhatsApp name could be, “I Sell Palm Oil”. This way, whenever you interact on WhatsApp groups frequently, everyone sees your business.

Advertise on WhatsApp TVs

There are lots of WhatsApp TV channels that have lots of users who view their content. Advertising on such channels will give your business a wide reach and help you make money on WhatsApp.

3. Create WhatsApp TV channels

Just as you can make money on WhatsApp by advertising your business on WhatsApp TV channels, you can also earn money by creating your own WhatsApp TV channel. WhatsApp TV channels are quite popular for sharing entertaining curated video content on WhatsApp’s Status feature.

You can create your own group or channel [Kashmir]

To create one, you need to choose a niche, grow your audience and then monetise it by posting sponsored content.

4. Affiliate marketing on WhatsApp

You can also make money on WhatsApp through affiliate marketing. This works just like affiliate marketing on any other platform where you share the affiliate links with your WhatsApp contacts and you earn a commission.

It is however important to build your reputation and only focus on genuine recommendations so your contacts can always trust what you post.

5. Social media management

WhatsApp has grown beyond just an app for engaging friends and many businesses are now on this platform. These businesses also need people to help manage their WhatsApp platforms and you can earn money on WhatsApp by being a social media manager.

This can involve getting paid to manage WhatsApp groups, channels or even business-related messages sent via WhatsApp.

6. Sell digital content

Another cool way to make money on WhatsApp is to sell digital content. This can range from e-books to online courses that are related to your area of expertise. A great way to make this work is to share previews or snippets with your WhatsApp contacts to give them a view of what they will be paying for.

7. Tutoring on WhatsApp

Do you have a skill that you can teach to others? You can use that to make money on WhatsApp. Whether it is a cooking skill, sewing skill, makeup or a language you can teach to others, you can monetise it using WhatsApp.

To do this, you can offer tutoring services or create a WhatsApp group where interested learners will pay a sum to join and then you tutor them. There are also other ways to do this. You can offer basic classes for free and then ask your learners to pay a fee to join your premium class where they get more detailed lessons. As long as your tutoring comes with great value, you will continue to get more clients.

In conclusion, there are different ways to make money on WhatsApp and this can work whether you are an entrepreneur, skilled professional or just have lots of people viewing your status.

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